Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Latest Meeting

At our last meeting, Lisa Cochrun, came out to give us an update on the long term expansion of Fountain. She discussed the fine points of economic development and provided excellent information to all present. Lisa is energetic, sincere and interested in the long term success and growth of Fountain, CO. Lisa also discussed a plan that would look into refurbishing the downtown area of Fountain. She hinted at an exciting announcement that she could not reveal but promised we would all be happy with a newcomer to our area. Stay tuned.

At our next meeting, we will have the El Paso/Teller Counties District Attorney John Newsome present.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Up and Running!!

As we begin our blog, our intent is to increase the visibility of the Rebublican constituency in the southern part of Colorado Springs. As we all know, many of our politicians get complacent about areas that in the past have always voted their way.

Those of us that live in the Fountain Valley area know that we are an important part of any Republican politicians future.

We would like the politicians of the Republican party to recognize that the way we think counts!

We would also like the residents of the Foutain Valley that are registered Republicans to become more active in the near future.

Thank you.